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We have specialised in shuttle services for many years.

Our aim is to meet the growing demand for customised travel.

We know how difficult and costly it is to travel around in our increasingly congested cities. In addition, public transport does not always meet the needs of your schedule and, in some outlying areas, services can be undependable. These are just some of the reasons why more and more people are now looking for a customised shuttle service, able to respond to the specific needs of smaller or larger groups of passengers.

Servizi Navetta

Our main shuttle services

  • Hotel shuttle services: transporting tourists to and from airports, railway stations and hotels
  • Business shuttle services: transport to and from trade fairs, conferences or workplaces
  • Transfer services to airports, ports, railway stations and tourist sights
  • Transfer services and local transport: travel to and from tourist attractions, sporting events, etc.

Organise your transport with us

By booking our shuttle service you will be able to make all your transport arrangements without any of the problems associated with tight schedules or with transporting the luggage of large groups of people. Whether you are organising a business event, trade fair or city tour, or simply want to offer people staying at your hotel a shuttle service to the airport, port or train station, our coaches and minibuses will ensure your guests enjoy all the convenience of an easy, comfortable journey, designed to meet your specific requirements in every way.

Punctuality and efficiency

These are two of the basic aspects on which we have built up our business, and thanks to which we have earned a reputation throughout Italy as a sound and reliable company. Our very experienced staff will look carefully at your requests and then offer you the most appropriate solution to meet your needs. Our highly-qualified and carefully chosen drivers will be at your service throughout your journey, ensuring that you arrive safely and punctually at your destination.

For hotels

Tourist transport to and from airports, ports, train stations and hotels

For Companies

Transport to and from trade fairs, conference centres or workplaces

For Tour Operators

Transfer services to airports, ports, railway stations and tourist sights