Vehicle features

Everyone is happy to travel with Tourismo. With its spacious, comfortable interior, this touring coach is designed to meet the needs and wishes of every passenger. <br /> As soon as you climb aboard the Tourismo, you'll feel comfortable and relaxed. This is mainly thanks to its spacious, welcoming passenger compartment. <br /> The internal height of 2.01 metres enables even very tall passengers to reach their seats easily. The Travel Star seats are adjustable on the aisle side and specifically designed for use on touring coaches, allowing you to travel in comfort even on longer journeys.

Number of passenger seats : 53 + 1 + 1
Air conditioning Hi-Fi system with CD/DVD player - TV - Telephone
GPS system Mini-bar
Reclining seats, Footrests and Luggage compartment Safety belts / Armrests and side handholds
Driver station with microphone