Vehicle features

Magelys is a new bus that fulfills the desire to travel anywhere safely and in maximum comfort. It turns every trip into a pleasant and unforgettable experience,
thanks to its high value-added content:
+ High comfort for driver and passengers, thanks to the spacious and very bright interiors, and the entertainment system on board.
+ Integrated roof air conditioning with the highest cooling capacity in its class + Innovative style and design with extensive use of LED lighting technology either internal and external
+ The largest glazed surface of the category with extended windscreen in upper part, panoramic roof windows on both sides. The quality of life and travel on board the new Magelys is guaranteed by a combination of features and technologies aimed at making the vehicle tailored to each passenger: wifi access, USB and electric sockets to connect any multimedia device and three LCD monitors allow each passenger to enjoy the pleasure of moving with style and safety.

Number of passenger seats : 57 + 1 + 1
Air conditioning Hi-Fi system with CD/DVD player - TV - Telephone
GPS system Fridge / Coffee maker
Reclining seats, Footrests and Luggage compartment Safety belts / Armrests and side handholds
Retrocamera Roadcamera
WI-FI Toilette
Double LCD Monitors EBS, ABS, ARS, LDWS e ACC