Vehicle features

Compact but with maximum seating space, these coaches are ideal for long trips involving a high volume of luggage. <br /> The dynamic and innovative design is characteristic of a new generation of tourist coaches. Just what you would expect from a real Setra. <br /> Exclusivity and a consistent aerodynamic design give this coach its distinctive look. <br /> The cockpit has been carefully planned to ensure the comfort and the well-being of the driver. Even at first glance, it gives an impression of quality you'll never have encountered in a coach before. The modern instrument cluster, high visibility and operating logic are combined with an above-average level of ergonomics. <br /> A passion for creative detail is evident everywhere, both in the futuristic design of the exterior and in the passenger compartment and cockpit.

Number of passenger seats : 56
Air conditioning Hi-Fi system with CD/DVD player - TV - Telephone
GPS system Mini-bar
Reclining seats, Footrests and Luggage compartment Safety belts / Armrests and side handholds
Tourist guide station with table and microphone